There are two looks that you can go for when buying hardwood floors, namely the piano finish and the hand scraped hardwood flooring. There are distinct reasons as to why people prefer either. I’m here to help you decide which look is best for you and your home.

The Piano Finish

Back in the day, when craftsmen crated wood houses, there were very little tools that they could use. So when they assembled wood floors, everything was handmade. Because of this, the wood had many imperfections. To compensate the craftsmen turned into artisans and carved deliberate designs to turn the imperfections into art.

The advent of modern technology has given us the resources to turn distressed wood pieces into nearly perfect and even planks. Plus the creation of alternative materials such as laminate and engineered wood flooring has allowed us to create floors with smooth finishes which, at an angle, look like they’re covered in glass. This is known as the Piano Finish. This became the new trend, and just like with clothes, everyone was ready to get a new wardrobe.

The Hand Scraped Flooring

Now the question in your mind might be “what is hand scraped hardwood flooring then”? Like I said, the styles of homes and their floorings move with the tide. That’s why it’s not surprising that people are looking back to the age old days and adopting the rustic wood floor designs into their modern homes. This vintage look is now all the rage, especially with homeowners who deliberately choose to build old world style homes.

Today’s artisans use modern tools to create the hand scraped look. This involves sanding, scooping and denting the wood to create patches and indentations. Some even create little splits and holes to mimic those naturally made by wood worms. Wood planks can also be stained to achieve the dark and aged look. Of course unlike their older counterparts, these hand scraped engineered hardwood flooring planks are protected by modern finishes so they don’t get damaged by moisture or wear and tear.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hand Scraped Planks

I believe that all of the pros and cons of hand scraped planks lie on individual style and tastes. For instance, hand scraped hardwood flooring reviews will tell you that this style is excellent if you want your house to deliberately look old and rustic. This also works for log cabins or wood cottages. It’s also best for restorations of heritage homes.

On the other hand, the hand scraped floors can be disadvantageous if you want the modern and contemporary look. This style typically requires the piano finish to match the shiny and shimmery gleam of modern furniture.


Where Can I Get Hand Scraped Wood Planks?

Just like most wood planks, hand scraped planks are for sale in your local hardware store or online. The kind of rustic finish is really up to a person’s tastes. For instance, if I were to try and restore an old traditional home, then I would get the handscraped planks with heavy distressing. If I had a new home made to look traditional, I would probably ease up on the distressing and just get a lightly hand scraped plank. If working with a limited budget, it’s ideal to get hand scraped hardwood flooring wholesale to cut down on the price. Unfortunately, that means buying in bulk. Maybe you can try to find someone who wants hand scraped flooring as well so you can split the planks and the cost with them.

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